Here’s how to track how well your impact investments are performing

MSCI, a provider of indexes and portfolio analysis tools, also has a group of its own sustainability scores.

The company currently covers about 7,000 individual companies and evaluates them based on how well they are addressing ESG issues, according to Larry Lawrence, executive director and head of ESG products for the wealth management market at MSCI ESG Research.

MSCI also measures how well mutual funds and ETFs are doing when it comes to ESG. In 2016, the ratings covered about 20,000 funds, and have grown from there, according to Lawrence.

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The scores for companies and funds generally range from zero to 10, with 10 being the highest.

The company also provides its sustainability analysis in multiple formats, such as through indexes, individual company and fund reports and portfolio analytics.

Unlike Morningstar, MSCI’s ratings cannot be accessed by just going to their website. The scores are generally available through third-party distributors, such as large brokerage platforms. But you may see MSCI’s data and research if you’re a client of a firm or financial advisor who uses it.

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